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Mediation is a way of helping people explore problems

85% + Success Rate

Over 85% of our mediated cases end with a positive outcome.  Conducted in a safe, sensitive and confidential manner, solutions acceptable to everyone are able to be reached without the added anxiety and expense of legal intervention.  Mediation allows everyone to understand each other, how the dispute has come about and control the outcome, rather than it being enforced through outside channels.

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How does it work?
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We arrange for you to meet trained mediators who will listen to your problems.  A similar meeting with your neighbours will also be arranged.

If all are willing, a mediation session all together will be arranged.  During the session, each side has a chance to explain their feelings and needs.  The mediators ensure any anger is safely contained.
Mediation is very powerful.  Usually an agreement is reached which both sides are willing to accept.  The agreement may be written down and signed as a non-legal reference of what is agreed.

Unsure about taking part?
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Lots of people have doubts about taking part in mediation.  It's only natural.  After all, in heated, emotional situations it's not easy to explain what we need or hear another view.

We regularly encounter people who initially don't want to take part in mediations.  However, a surprising number of problems can be resolved by just, well, trying.

In other words, most cases where everyone agrees to take part fully, finish successfully.

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