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Our aim:  Mountains to molehills seeks to increase conflict awareness, understanding and resolution in the community.  We use various skills and methods, including mediation.

Mediation is:  A way of exploring problems between people.  Through greater understanding of why the issues are occurring, people can come to agreement about how to resolve difficulties.

Background:  Lead Trainer Marian Bore trained and has been working in mediation since 1999.  She has extensive experience in community mediation, coordinates a large charity mediation service, sets up peer mediation schemes in schools, counsels community mediators and runs development workshops for both community mediators and young mediators.  A firm believer in opening up fresh channels for understanding and communication, she also has a strong but varied background in management, commerce, IT, spatial design and project management.  Marian works with volunteers, and commercial practicioners.

We offer:
Setup of peer mediation schemes in schools, further education and youth groups
Community mediation workshops and development training
Ongoing support and supervision for mediators
Antisocial behaviour reduction


       Contact us:               01932 866773    07950 011 095    marian@mountainstomolehills.co.uk